Hubs Upskilling



The Hubs upskilling program is designed to ensure that Hub managers have the required skill sets to support digital startups and build innovation ecosystems in their localities. A “Train The Trainer” model will be employed to upskill hub managers, mentors and facilitators within the hub network, who will in turn cascade the learning to other hub managers, mentors and facilitators in the region.

This is a programme targeted at hub managers. The idea is to spread the growth of Tech innovation and entrepreneurship access to the country. 6 hub manager could be selected for the pilot stage for a comprehensive hub managers training. The hub managers are to sign an agreement with NITDA to train upcoming hub managers within the region. This way hub managers are equipped with the skills to run a hub.


To improve the ability of the hubs to play a more relevant role in supporting the ecosystem.

Implementation Strategy

A portal will be opened for interested corporates to apply to partner with NITDA in implementing the HUB MANAGERS UPSKILLING scheme.


  1. You must be a Nigeria registered innovation hub
  2. You must be an innovation hub with less than 12 months in existence
  3. The hub should be registered with Innovation Support Network (ISN) where applicable.